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Social work & Research Centre

Social work is a multidisciplinary knowledge discipline based course. Economics, Political Science, Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology etc. have drawn most of the knowledge and principles from the disciplines, but while all these disciplines study the theoretical side of human-society and human-relations, Social-work deals with relations. Along with exploring the causes of the coming differences and social change at the grassroots level, it also studies the psychosocial side of the individual and solves those problems. The conduct of a social worker who does social work is oriented towards establishing relationships with individuals, families, small groups or communities through a learned simultaneous intervention in problems. For this social work discipline produces well trained and professional workers. Social work is a process of helping individuals in an individual, group or community, so that the client can help himself. Through this, the client is able to solve his own problems arising in the present social situation. Social work is aware of every aspect of the client's life and every social situation operating in his environment because he cannot ignore them while planning the service delivery. Social work is an educational and vocational discipline that provides service on the basis of its six systems of social work. Through these methods, it tries to raise the standard of living of people and groups. Social work means improving the capabilities of the client by encouraging the interaction between the individual, group, community and their social environment through necessary interventions based on the client's permission. So that they can solve their problems while fulfilling the necessities of their life. In this process, social work helps in fulfilling the aspirations of the client and helping them to live up to the test of their own values. Those who are provided service in social work are called Client. Like in the field of medicine, the service the doctor renders is a patient for him. In the same way, a person who takes service in social work is called a client.

Location: Courses Running in City Campus Pandri Raipur.

MSW (Mater of Social Work):

A Graduate in any discipline from a recognized University


The School of Social Work will advance social, environmental, and economic justice, promote equity and equality, alleviate oppression, and enhance human health and well-being across local and global community systems.


The School of Social Work provides exemplary education, applied research, and transformative outreach toward the accomplishment of our Vision.


Our Values:

We uphold the core values outlined by the Indian Association of Social Workers:

We especially value a commitment to vulnerable people, empathy, equity, safety, collegiality, openness, autonomy, transparency, intellectual curiosity, creativity, and a strong sense of hum our.

Master of Social Work (MSW) At MATS

Selecting a College to continue your education is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make, whether you are just out of school or returning to education as a mature student. Therefore, you should choose carefully and wisely.

Social work is policy making on the basis of education, planning and implementing it at the grassroots level for the implement and all-round development of the society, solving psychosocial problems, providing counseling, project formulation for unemployment, illiteracy, poverty and welfare. do, Conducting surveys etc from time to time, working for rural, urban and tribal development, child welfare, youth welfare, old age welfare, third gender welfare, women welfare and working for handicapped welfare, most backward welfare, scheduled caste welfare , working for the welfare of Scheduled Tribes etc. Many more such functions, activities and programs are organized at the government and non-government levels through the social welfare administration at the grassroots level.

MSW Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum for Master of Social Work (MSW)

Social Work Profession

Social Group Work

Social Case Work

Community Organization

Concurrent Field Work including Social Work Camp

Concurrent Field Work including Study Tour

Analysis of Indian Society

Social Policy, Planning & Development

Dynamics of Human Behaviour

Social Work with Rural, Urban and Tribal Community

Study of Indian Economics

Social Work Approaches for Social Development

Study of Indian Constitution

Social Work and Social Justice

Social Work Research and Statistics

Social Work Administration

Personal & Professional Growth

Concurrent Field Work including Case Studies

Block Placement

Women & Child Development

Labour Welfare & Legislation

Criminology & Correctional Administration

Human Resource Management

Introduction to Disaster Management

Medical & Psychiatric Social Work

Introduction to Disaster Management

Concurrent Field Work including Summer Placement

Faculty & Staff

And many more

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