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Procedure Post Departure


Students need to take care of the following points after their arrival in the country and upon Joining the University Campus: • University will arrange Airport Pickup for Students upon reaching the Raipur Airport. It is applicable for students who have shared their flight details with International Coordinators(IC)

• Free accommodation at University guest house will be given for maximum 3 days from the arrival date till the student completes his/her procedure of admission.

• Student will report to International Coordinators (IC) along with all the required documents and can interact with the reporting officer for further process. The International Coordinators (IC) will assist the Student in the following activities:

1. DOCUMENT VERIFICATION: The documents provided by the students will be checked and verified by our IC staff. Students will fill the Admission form and submit the required documents after reading them carefully to get registered in the respective programmes.

2. CAMPUS TOUR: A Campus tour would be provided to the student by our IC staff who will also introduce him/her to the concerned higher authorities.

3. INDUCTION: An Induction session would be provided to the student to make him/her familiar with the University.

4. HOSTEL: Admission, Hostel allocation and introduction of student to the concerned hostel wardens would be taken care by IC staff.

5. INTRODUCTION WITH CONCERNS: The IC will arrange an introduction of the student with the concerned faculties and also explain the academic culture.

6. STUDENT VISA REGISTRATION: IC will guide and assist the student with student visa registration process. It is mandatory for all the International students except those from Nepal and Bhutan to get their Student Visa registered at nearest FRRO/FRO within 14 days of arrival in India.

7. FRRO DOCUMENTATION: It is the prime responsibility of the student to visit IC department on time to complete the required FRRO documentation, so that no fine is levied against him/her.

8. VISA EXTENSION: IC department will guide and assist student for Visa extension.

9. BANK FORMALITIES: IC department will guide and assist student for Documentation and bank process.

10. NATIONAL SIM: Sim and other related procedure will be taken care by IC department.

11. OTHER: : IC will help in solving any problems encountered and will provide overall guidance to make students and faculty comfortable.