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Department of Psychology, MSAH

The School of Arts and Humanities is a diverse community of academics, students and staff from across all of our related subjects. MATS have reputation for excellence in Arts and Humanities that rests upon our outstanding teaching and our research. The School of Arts & Humanities at MATS is home to a unique interdisciplinary environment designed to provide depth, breadth, and flexibility in arts and humanities and to help one meet the challenges of today’s world. Our renowned faculty guides the students through their studies with one-on-one advising sessions and small classes, while the school’s curricular combination of theory and experiential practice cultivates the skills and knowledge you’ll need for a remarkable career. MATS School of Arts and Humanities has three departments, department of Psychology, department of English, and department of Hindi, that is running different courses in UG, PG, DIPLOMA along with M.Phil, Ph.D.


A Home for Great Ideas

The atmosphere of the School attracts many finest faculty, students, and researchers. Here, we believe deeply in the powers of creativity, education, and humanity to bring positive change to the world. The Humanities and Social Sciences programs at MATS University challenge students to think critically and incisively about ideas, people, society, and the human condition. Programs differ from those at many other Universities in three important ways: broader perspectives, external fields, and technology competencies. These programs provide excellent preparation for a career, for professional study.

Educating Leaders and Global Citizens

The School has a central role in international education at MATS, and in preparing students for leadership. Working with the School's scholars, students gain cultural and historical perspective, and critical thinking and communication skills.

A Foundation for Success

Recognizing the value of a multi-dimensional education for success in every field, the University provides all MATS undergraduates with a thorough grounding in humanities and social sciences disciplines. The depth of understanding and expansive perspectives provided by engagement with especially with disciplines of Languages of Hindi And English has important position which is the important hallmarks of MATS education.


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UG Programs

Based on Marks Obtained in 10+2 PI

PG Programs

Based on Marks Obtained in UG

PG Diploma Programs

Based on Marks Obtained in UG

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