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Admission Information for International Students


MATS University prides itself with NAAC accreditation and all the necessary approvals for its international community of students and the faculty providing an exciting, colorful campus life for everyone. Students from various states are represented in the student body. MATS University offers multiple undergraduate programmes across 14 faculties, covering multidisciplinary areas of study. We aim to provide students with a broad-based education across different disciplines with a global perspective, in order to develop students' intellectual and personal strengths. We expect the best out of our students, through excellence in learning and teaching, thus seeking to develop graduates of international distinction. Students have the chance to learn under the expert guidance of from faculty from IIT, IIM, IIIT, NIT and Nationally ranked institutions of excellence (leading academics), and by studying at a research-oriented university they learn research techniques from undergraduate level. With our programmes, students are able to develop skills and knowledge relevant to present-day issues. They develop problem-solving skills and the ability to innovate—skills that are invaluable for further study, employment and be world ready.


• The economy of India is continuing to be the fastest growing major economy and one of the top 3 largest purchasing power in the world.
• India is a federal republic governed under a parliamentary system and consists of 29 states and 7 union territories.
• A pluralistic, multilingual and multi-ethnic society, it is the 7th largest country in the world and the largest democracy.
• India is the 2nd largest English speaking country in the world as well as the 2nd largest combined group of Engineers and Scientists is from India.


• Research oriented.
• Students centric.
• Successful placement records.
• 14 departments.
• National and international ties-ups
• World class infrastructure.
• Internships tours and Global visit programs.
• In house transport facilities.
• Gymnasium.
• Indoors and outdoors sports facilities.
• Skill developments and employability training programs.
• Clean and green wifi enabled campus.
• Mess and canteen facilities.

International Student Cell

MATS University Accreditated by NAAC is proud of its culture and traditions and since 2008 it is a home to more than 20,000 + students from various states, and divisions our main target is to focus on international destinations as well to make this University truly an International University. MATS University has a separate cell for International students to provide them academic and personal support. The cell creates a bridge between the students and the administration /management. The Cell

Functions of the International Student Cell:

• Admission formalities.
• Hostel allocation.
• Issue of offer letters for provisional admission (By International Counselor)
• Issue of Bonafide Certificates.
• Guidance to register with Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO)
• Extension of VISA.
• Addressing any other academic or administrative problem of students.
• Redressal of student grievances.
• Issue of all official letters and documents related to International students.

For further assistance: call on international coordinators contact


1. Students are advised to ensure the following points before leaving their home country.
2. An Offer letter/Admission letter will be issued to the International student [which provides vital information about the student such as Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Passport and Visa Number, Name of the program] which is required to be submitted at the Indian Embassy or High Commission of India to get the visa.
3. Students need to book their Air tickets to Raipur after taking a Valid Student Visa from Indian Embassy/High Commission. MATS University is just 30 minutes’ drive from Raipur Airport.
4. Students have to make sure that they have taken all the required vaccinations like Yellow Fever, Typhoid Vaccine, Hepatitis Vaccine, HIV etc. to avoid medical complications while they are in India.
5. Students have to inform the MATS University International counselor for the Airport pickup at least one week prior to arrival and also need to provide their complete flight details.
6. Students have to bring the Admission Letter issued by the University along with all the Certificates/Degrees, Transcripts (in original) and 20 passport size photographs.
7. Students need to carry money in the form of US dollar (as permitted by Indian Laws) which can be easily exchanged at the university as well as at a number of foreign exchange offices and banks or can also use International Debit / Credit Cards.
8. Students have to note that the temperature here ranges between 30 to 45 degree Celsius during summers and 15 to 25 degree Celsius during winters. Here the winter season starts around November so warm clothes (blankets, quilts, woolens, etc.) can be carried accordingly.
9. Whilst everything is available in India, however students must try to get all that they would require during the initial few days. All the essentials can be availed from the University markets available around a range of 5 km – 6 KM from the University Campus.
10. The electric standard in India works on 240 V. So, ensure that you have an adapter for your mobile or laptop adjustable to that in case the ones with you operate on a different voltage in your country. Also the electric sockets are 2 or 3 pin so ensure that you carry a converter in case required.
11. Health insurance will be provided to our international students coming from Saarc and African university however medical expenses will be covered by the students only.


Students need to take care of the following points after their arrival in the country and upon Joining the University Campus: • University will arrange Airport Pickup for Students upon reaching the Raipur Airport. It is applicable for students who have shared their flight details with International Coordinators(IC)
• Free accommodation at University guest house will be given for maximum 3 days from the arrival date till the student completes his/her procedure of admission.
• Student will report to International Coordinators (IC) along with all the required documents and can interact with the reporting officer for further process. The International Coordinators (IC) will assist the Student in the following activities:

1. DOCUMENT VERIFICATION: The documents provided by the students will be checked and verified by our IC staff. Students will fill the Admission form and submit the required documents after reading them carefully to get registered in the respective programmes.
2. CAMPUS TOUR: A Campus tour would be provided to the student by our IC staff who will also introduce him/her to the concerned higher authorities.
3. INDUCTION: An Induction session would be provided to the student to make him/her familiar with the University.
4. HOSTEL: Admission, Hostel allocation and introduction of student to the concerned hostel wardens would be taken care by IC staff.
5. INTRODUCTION WITH CONCERNS: The IC will arrange an introduction of the student with the concerned faculties and also explain the academic culture.
6. STUDENT VISA REGISTRATION: IC will guide and assist the student with student visa registration process. It is mandatory for all the International students except those from Nepal and Bhutan to get their Student Visa registered at nearest FRRO/FRO within 14 days of arrival in India.
7. FRRO DOCUMENTATION: It is the prime responsibility of the student to visit IC department on time to complete the required FRRO documentation, so that no fine is levied against him/her.
8. VISA EXTENSION: IC department will guide and assist student for Visa extension.
9. BANK FORMALITIES: IC department will guide and assist student for Documentation and bank process.
10. NATIONAL SIM: Sim and other related procedure will be taken care by IC department.
11. OTHER: IC will help in solving any problems encountered and will provide overall guidance to make students and faculty comfortable.


1. Students should immediately apply for Student Visa at Indian Embassy / High Commission once Admission Letter / Visa Letter has been issued by the University.
2. Students have to ensure that their Student Visa is endorsed to MATS University.
3. Students have to make sure that they have applied for Visa well in advance and time. It generally takes 3-9 weeks to get the Indian Visa thus it is advisable to apply for the visa accordingly and consult the Indian High Commission/Embassy, if required.
4. Students have to make sure that if they have entered India on the basis of Student Visa endorsed to MATS University, then it is their responsibility to ensure that they directly join and report to the University. The Visa endorsed on the name of the University or obtained on the basis of University documents cannot be used for any other purpose like employment, admission to any other University/College/Institute/Academy etc. or for non-regular (distance/online) mode of education.
5. After reaching the University Campus, students have to get the visa verified by the University and have to deposit a copy of the valid visa at International Student Coordinator. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that throughout his/her study period student is on valid visa.

1. It is mandatory for all International students except those from Nepal and Bhutan to get their Student Visa registered at nearest FRRO/FRO within 14 days of arrival in India.
2. International Coordinator Department of MATS University will guide and assist Student with all the required processes needed for FRO/FRRO Registration.
3. All International students except those from Nepal and Bhutan have to fill online application for Registration Certificate (RC) & Residential Permit (RP) on arrival to India.
4. In case the initial visa is not endorsed for the complete duration of the programme or student has to extend the stay because he/she is not able to complete the program in the stipulated time then the student should apply for the extension of the visa before it expires.
5. VISA extension can be applied only when the student is present in the University.
6. Government charges may apply for VISA extension which differs from country to country.
7. Students travelling outside India must carry NOC approval from local FRRO or valid exit permit.
8. Students travelling within India have to carry original documents like Passport, RP, Stay VISA etc. and the reason for travel has to be informed to the local FRRO.

Guidelines for VISA AND FRRO/FRO

Before availing any leave International Students have to take care of the following points:
• The students need to submit an application after taking necessary approvals from their respective academics departments before booking the travel tickets and have to mention proposed duration of the visit with proper reason.
• Student should inform the IC (International coordinator) department in written at least 7 days before their travel.
• Approval from the accounts department is mandatory.
• Approval from the University Management is mandatory. Further, the University will take an approval from the parents/guardians of the Student before giving approval on leave.
• Approval for NOC from local FRRO is mandatory before travel.

1. Leave Application
2. Proposed duration of stay
3. Proposed date of travel & return
4. NOC from FRRO

Note -

1. Students have to carry original Residential Permit and stay VISA with NOC seal from FRRO while traveling In case the documents are found missing, student may be caught by the police and University will not be responsible for any action taken.
2. Any extension in the approved leave duration will be charged with a penalty as per the University rules.

SIM Card Policies
• All the International students are provided with a University approved prepaid service SIM Card on chargeable basis when they reach campus.
• Student should have 4G compatible device to operate the SIM card.
• Prepaid Service SIM card has to be returned back after completion of the course.

Bank Accounts/Money Safety
• Students have to note that only few banks are authorized to open international bank accounts. To know more about it they can contact IC (International Coordinator) Department.

• Students can collect the account opening form from the IC (International Coordinator) department and have to submit it personally at the bank.

• Documents required for opening international bank account :
1. Copy of Passport & VISA
2. Copy of valid RP & Stay VISA (If applicable)
3. 02 passport size photographs.
4. University approved bonafide letter.

• International students who have not received their Residential Permit cannot open a bank account. Until then students can deposit any large amount of cash in the University locker.

Campus Safety & Security

The safety and security of students, campus employees and visitors are of utmost importance at MATS University campus.

The entire MATS University campus including hostels, parking and academic areas are very well secured through in-house & security agencies with guards. CCTV cameras have been installed at all the places to keep a close vigil in the campus.

At the same time MATS University community and guests are encouraged to help keep the campus safe by taking the precautions for personal safety and belongings one would take elsewhere.