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Some Proven Interview Tips For College Students

Job interviews can be so stressful. There’s nothing worse than going into an interview and recognizing you are absolutely unready for the questions you are going to get asked, or how to manage yourself. 
The toughest part of the job search should be preparing the interview.



Here are some proven interview tips which are going to help you out in the future -



Find a Professional Outfit





Finding something great to wear in an interview is tough! You want to make a great first impression. There is no dress code though!
When you walk into an interview, you want to capture the full hiring manager’s attention with your personality and accomplishments and show your professionalism. Don’t wear something that catches their attention from your clothing, dress simple but professional.
If you are interviewing a field that involves clothing, like fashion, then you definitely want to show your style. 
Otherwise, make the interview about you, and not what you are wearing.




Have Positive, Engaging Body Language






Did you know that a massive part of how we feel about others is their body language towards us? When you go into an interview, watch your body language. Try keeping your back straight, chin up and shoulders down. Maintain eye contact and try and emulate confidence. This will show everyone that you are a great fit for the job! And show your great communication skills.
If you are feeling nervous or underconfident, try standing in a power pose for a minute or two in a mirror before going in an interview.




Bring Pen, Paper and an Extra Copy of Your Resume





It’s hard to figure out what to bring to an interview. 
ALWAYS, bring a pen and paper to take notes. Even if you take it out at the beginning of your interview don’t write on it at all, it looks better to have someone look like they want to take notes during an interview.




Know Your Availability




Make sure to study your calendar before an interview. If someone asks you when you’ll be free to meet again, you want to know when you are free. Don’t leave it up to chance for them to respond to an email. Also if there are different interview locations, make sure you know which ones you can make.




Study the Job Description




When someone writes a job description, they are doing it with intention. They are trying to attract the right type of person for the job. So make sure you can speak to every aspect of a job description. If you don’t know a system or tool mentioned on the job description, learn what it is and how you can learn it before the job.