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How To Study When You Are Short On Time

There is a famous quote by Nelson Mandela that states, “it always seems impossible until it’s done.” This quote rings true in so many facets, and studying is one of them. Stop procrastinating and get stuff done.



1. Start





We have all had those moments when we feel so overwhelmed with what we have to do that we just don’t know. 
Stop that, and start studying



2. Get Rid Of Your Worries




You may have a lot of things on your plate, and this can clog your brainpower. Instead of letting your brain get carried away, write down your worrisome thoughts on a sheet of paper. Let your brain know that you can worry about those things later, but right now you need to focus on studying for a test.
Your mind has a weird way of reminding you of random anxieties and issues. Thank your brain for bringing those up, but ultimately let your mind know that you have more important things to think about right now.



3. Focus On Important topics




some specific things will make up the bulk of the test. Focus on those important ideas first, and then branch out to study other things.



4. Stop Multitasking





 Instead, get hyper-focused on one task at a time until your to-do list is complete.



5. Pick A Great Study Environment





Studying in your bedroom is convenient, but often it’s not the best environment to study. The same can be said of a library, a coffee shop, etc. It all depends on the environment that you thrive in. When you only have a limited time to study, you need to pull out all the stops! Go to the environment that’s going to help you study more efficiently and effectively.



6. If You Study In A Group, Study With Equally Motivated People






If you are cramming or studying a lot, you need to study with people who are also motivated to study hard. When others around you are distracted, or worse, distracting, that won’t help you prepare for your test. You need to work with people who will motivate you to be the best studier you can be.