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Studying is the key to success in college for getting A's in the semester, but not all studying methods work for everyone. Some people can simply read straight from a textbook and grasp the information, while others need more engagement to understand it. If you find yourself struggling to internalize the information you’re trying to learn, try out these different studying methods and find which one works best for you.







1. Handwrite Your Notes




You all probably know by now that handwriting your notes is one of the most effective ways to internalize them. When taking your notes, opt for writing them down on paper rather than typing them on a computer. If it’s easier to type them at first (such as during a lecture), rewrite them in your own handwriting later. It may seem like extra work, but it’ll pay off in the end.




2. Teach Someone





Find someone who willing to study with you and try teaching them your notes. This makes you come up with easier ways to describe the concepts for the person you’re teaching to make them understand. By relating the information to real-life situations, you fill in the gaps for the person listening while simultaneously making the information more comprehensible for yourself.




3. Make Connections To Your Life





Playing off the teaching method, try relating difficult topics to simple processes or everyday events to better understand them. This method works well with abstract ideas to add a structure to them that you might not have seen beforehand. Creating a mind map can help you visualize how concepts connect and work as a whole.




4. Use Outside Resources




When you’re own studying methods don’t seem to be enough, head over to other resources that can potentially help you see the information from a different point of view. YouTube and Google never fail to answer a question of mine. 




5. Join a Study Group





Working with a group of people exposes you to different views on the information you’re learning, which can potentially fill a gap in your understanding. Find people taking the same class as you, get their numbers, and either text in a group chat or get together to help each other learn the material. This is not the time to just copy each other’s work, but to ask someone who has fully grasped a concept to explain it to you. 





Hopefully, you find that one of these methods, or a combination of a few, help you tackle your next study sesh. Don’t get discouraged when you’re struggling to study on your own, that only means you haven’t found the most effective method yet! If you try one of these and find that they work for you.