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6 Tricks to study productively

Let’s face it, laziness can hit at any moment, and it can seem so hard to overcome at times. However, there are ways to trick yourself into being productive so that you can get stuff done. Keep reading to learn some secrets to being productive!



1. Set up a time frame
Picking a start time and an end time for studying can help you avoid feeling like study time is just dragging on. Because if that happens, it starts getting hard not to get frustrated and get tired of studying. The best way to avoid that feeling is to make a study plan beforehand to ensure that you don’t end up not doing enough or stretching yourself too thin is to pick a time frame to do your work.




2. Get a quiet space
It is almost impossible to study productively if you’re surrounded by distractions. That being said, it is important to find a peaceful space where you can focus. Having a place that you can go where you know you can focus is imperative to get things done!




3. Make some tea/ coffee
For whatever reason, drinking a hot liquid when trying to study helps a lot. Just having something there to sip on is nice, and the caffeine boost is also a plus. Having a coffee maker in college is so convenient so that you can make coffee whenever you need it. When you are not in a coffee mood, take tea. Nothing like coffee or tea to get an exhausted student going.




4. Put on some music
 Playing some peaceful music is helpful to aid in concentration. Any background noise, such as a fan, will help with your focus.




5. Put down your phone!
Now that you’ve got your tunes on, literally take your phone, move it away from you, and place it face down so that you can’t see the notifications! Nothing can interrupt your study flow like getting a notification that someone liked your Instagram pic. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to check your phone in a few minutes.




6. Take a break
Every 20 minutes or so it’s important to take a break to prevent burnout. It’s especially important if you’re doing homework on the computer. If you don’t take a break every once in a while when studying, it is more likely that you’ll start getting a headache and get irritated, which does not help with focus. So, every once in a while take a short break.