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Tips for choosing the best course in college

The dilemma of choosing a college course seems to be a significant impediment in students. Being smart is great but it can only get you so far. Planning for a stress -free easy semester will get you faraway than your mind will. If you uniformly raged out and frustrated about a course, regardless of how intelligent you claim to be, chances are you will underperform.



Here are some tips that help you to choose the best course in your college -

1. Do not choose courses because your buddies are picking up them.
2. Do not pick courses randomly because you want to load the timetable section.
3. Do not select courses because the name sounds fancy.


Here Why?
For one, picking random courses shows a LACK OF INTEREST.
Lack of interest in the process, and in the course will leave you feeling flooded and increase your chances of failing.

"Go where your strength is, not where your friends are."


What a student should do?

An individual should get obsess over planning their time table. Take days to go over what courses
you wanted to pick, Write it down on a template, plot it on a timetable, and monitor enrollment
start time to make sure that you don't miss a minute.


4. Before you pick a course, you need to ask yourself

a. Is it convenient?
Do I have enough time, to wake up, freshen up and make it to class still feeling energized?
Do I have enough time to make it to the next class without undue stress?


b. What is my productive time of day?
A student must be sure before selecting a course that they can do the most productive time of the day.

The point is, a student needs to know what time works best for them. They have to schedule a course to reflect that by keeping the classes at the most prolific time of the day.


5. Read course summary
Often overlooked, but very important always read the course summary.
Usually, there is a concise explanation attached to a course code/title. Sometimes you may even get
access to the current/previous syllabus of the course. Just go through once.
Ensure it piques your interest and let that be a deciding factor in if you are going to take a course or


6. Do a syllabus audit
Before the drop date deadline, check on all your syllabus. Make a projection on all courses. Ensure
there is no major course work clashing, ensure that you are satisfied and can handle all the course
work including tests and exams.


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