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How to prepare for a college test ?

Studying for just 30 minutes before a test or the night before doesn’t really cut it in college. Especially if you really want to excel and see your grades rise. Finding a way of studying that works well for you will help make studying for tests feel like less of a dreadful chore.


These study tips for college will help you to realize which content from the class is important, and might be on the test. Make sure to utilize all of your resources and you’ll be halfway to an A+


1. Map out any upcoming tests you may have in your planner so you know they are approaching for weeks in advance.

2. Refer back to your syllabus to see if your professor provides information like how the exams are laid out or formatted.

3. Turn off your phone when studying to prevent any distractions.

4. Ask your “study buddy” to quiz you informally or help you play term-memorizing games.

5. Find somewhere comfortable to study whatever feels right to you.

6. Remain positive! Remind yourself you can do it.

7. Repeat affirmations to yourself before the test in your head.

8. Don’t save all of your studying for the night before the test!

9. Find out if you are a visual, auditory, or haptic learner and adjust your studying to fit those needs.

10. Repetition in studying is key! Don’t review a topic just once and expect yourself to recall the information days later. Re-visit content multiple times.

11. Quiz yourself on your commute to take the test on exam day.

12.Learn from your mistakes (and past exams.) What could you do better in preparing for the next exam?


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