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Why MATS University?

One of the most common dilemmas that all students would have faced before joining a university is, "why should I choose a particular university or college?" This dilemma can be solved by looking into very simple aspects of what sets the MATS University that one desires apart from the others.

One of the best education group in Central India-

MATS University is one of the most dominant education group in Central India. It was established by Chhattisgarh private university Act under section 2(f} of the UGC Act 1956. The experience at renowned institutions of the country led us to believe in creating a fantastic environment for a diverse set of students from all over the world to study under one roof. MATS right from its inception, as the name goes, has envisioned to be one of the leading educational destinations of Central India where talented learners, intellectuals, researchers, industry experts, come together in pursuit of academic excellence.

Courses provided by MATS -

MATS University offers various programs such as MBA,BBA,B.COM, B.Tech, BA LLB, Fashion Designing, IT, Biological & Chemical Science, Library Science, and Ph.D. These programs across business, law, and engineering are reviewed time and again to make sure that they are up to date with what the industry requires. Faculty consists of highly experienced and qualified professors who are not only friendly and understanding but also firm when it comes to academics as every professor in MATS is expected to groom the student to be well-versed in their particular choice of program.


MATS University has been built on its reputation for excellent teaching and the overall experience it provides to its students. The notable features of MATS University are its location, green campus, world-class infrastructure, Ultra Modern Class Rooms, highly qualified 175+ faculty, placements, etc. MATS University continues its heritage of excellence through its table of stable programs, in offering students a quality education through graduation, post-graduation, Diploma and Doctoral programs as well as professional programs such as the certified psychological counselors. The university aims to produce well-equipped leaders with the necessary capabilities to start and stay ahead as they progress into university and subsequentially in their careers.

The university is known for its multiple degree courses, state-of-the-art campus, high-quality education, and excellent placement record and aspires to continuous growth.