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Eco Friendly Natural Fabric By: Mrs.Preeti Bhatt

We wear Clothes every day, but only a few of us spend time on seeing what goes into manufacturing various textiles and their environmental impacts. All fabrics can be characterized as either natural or synthetic fibers (or a blend of the two). Natural fibers come from plants , minerals and animals, whereas synthetic fibers are made from chemical compounds. There are two general categories of natural fibers: animal-based and plant-based. Animal-based natural fibers include silk and wool, while plant-based natural fibers include cotton, linen and jute.

Advantages of Using Natural fibers.

  • Absorbent. Natural fibers have an incredibly high absorbency, as the fibers, both plant and animal, have a strong liking for water. This makes natural fibers a great option for bed sheets and towels, as absorbency is an important factor for these items because they’re used to dry surfaces and receive regular use.
  • Eco-friendly. Natural fibers usually have a smaller environmental impact than synthetic fibers because natural fibers do not use many chemicals during the production process.
  • Durable. Due to the structure of cellulose, which makes up natural materials, most plant-based fibers are very strong. Animal-based fibers, like silk and wool, are also strong