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Natural Ventilation By: Ms. Pragya Singh Thakur

Person living in the building can experience indoor thermal comfort ,wind circulation, good visibility inside the space with proper natural ventilation in a building,these aspects plays an important role that can also be achieved through natural ventilation without application of any mechanical ventilation.Natural ventilation require precise site analysis ,climatic condition. Orientation of a building can lead to proper functioning of ventilation in a building as with the help of wind direction and sun path, windows and doors can be placed appropriately to get its optimum efficiency.For natural light we can design sky light in a building ,can include more glazing materials for doors and windows, use of openable louvers can also benefit to provide natural light into a space. To enhance wind circulation inside the space there are various methods such as cross ventilation,Stack effect,Location and size  of windows in a building.Cross ventilation work as wonder in maintaining natural ventilation. As name suggests cross ventilation is ventilation provided to ainterior space by designing windows on opposite side of each other, this method will create your space with enough indoor wind movement, no foul air would stay for long in that space, air will get ventilated more efficiently through cross ventilation.Second method is stack effect which includes provision of a tower at top of a building with less width. In this effect when windows gets open fresh air will enter the building which will replace already present air, as used air will go up naturally due to its less weight and gets ventilated through the top opening of the tower provided in the building. This mechanism of stack effect helps building to gainindoor thermal comfort with minimal efforts for people living there.Location and size of window opening can create a noticeable difference as we can experience required wind movement and wind velocity inside our building through this method. We are living in a world where there is  urgentneed to understand importance of using sustainable ideologies and technology rather getting our infrastructure,building envelope ,indoor space filled with mechanical appliances.We can create a world where application of natural ventilation can make huge difference to reduce mechanical energy consumption in a building, we can make use of sustainable materials in construction of building.This will not only  reduce the use of mechanical energy but will give us great experience inside our space by maintaining indoor thermal comfort and wind circulation.