Academic Scheduling

Excellence connotes the quality of being very good, distinguished and outstanding. MATS University focuses and takes abundant measure in the main spheres of its activity, namely, teaching and research. Its name and standing enables it to attract capable and illustrious faculty and students. Its academic programs are relevant, varied and challenging. The syllabi are not stagnant.

A distinguishing feature of MATS University is its high degree of interdisciplinary interactions among its faculty and students. We shun the Rigid, ineffectual hierarchies and try to create an environment where good teaching and good research go hand in hand.

We promote frequent visits of scholars and researchers from elsewhere. Interacting with these visiting scholars, listening to their seminar talks and learning about their work, first hand, is an attractive feature of the academic life of our University. In a similar manner, faculty members from our University are invited to other institutions.

We understand that a good strategy for promoting overall excellence is to nurture high peaks of outstanding achievement. Thus, Here in MATS University we take special pains to attract eminent scholars and researchers to join them as our faculty members.

Teaching Learning Process

Classroom Activity, Current Events, Presentations, Assignments, Corporate Talks, Internships.

Out Bound Learning Programs

Trekking, Rappling, Zorbing, Environmental Study Tours, Global Opportunities Program.


Internal Tests, Mid Term Exams, Term End Exams. Project Presentation, Viva-Voce


Annual Sport, Inter-Departmental Sports Competitions.

Cultural Activities

MATSOTSAV, Club Activities, MATS-Q.

Extra Curricular Activities

Annapoorna, Blood Donation Camps, NCC, Tree Plantation