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Vice Chancellors Message

Dear Students,

Greetings from MATS University.......

"Education is progress of the individual, organization and the country. Education leads to action. Knowledge without action is useless and irrelevant. Knowledge with action, converts adversity into prosperity."

MATS University offers you value added courses that will integrate in you the desire to challenge the limits that others or you would set for yourself. An ambience that is pitched in, with high energy and fueled by the thought to "be yourself" be it individually, academically or socially.

MATS University gives you to experience a diverse student culture, equally competent and knowledgeable faculty, a superlative library, excellent sporting facilities and an environment that will give you the liberty to develop and nurture your extracurricular and co curricular talents.

MATS University is committed to have a distinctive obligation to fulfill the deep human desire to understand ourselves and the world we inhabit and inherit. We rightly accelerate our efforts to harvest new technologies from knowledge in its most basic form. MATS University is committed to bring research oriented knowledge and to trigger curiosity in the minds of its scholars that would bring evolutionary and revolutionary changes in the way we perceive and apply knowledge.

We at MATS University are ready to welcome you to weave your learning as a blend of cultures where diversity is personified. It is about understanding the world and ourselves not only through invention and discovery, but also through the rigors of re-inventing, re-examining, and reconsidering. The interpersonal relationship that is forged among the faculty, the scholars and with the fellow students is what we count as opportunity to build the future world with almost perfect understanding.

With best wishes

Prof. (Dr.) Byju John
MATS University