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Department of Psychology, MSAH

The Department of psychology is established under the MATS School of Arts and Humanities with vision to create good and skilled psychologists by looking into the future demands of manpower required in the counseling pertaining to different areas of academics and professions as well. Under this department the University is offering UG courses i.e. B. A. Psychology Hons. And PG courses M. A. Psychology and a diploma course PGDGC i.e. Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counseling.

Scope :

Now a days the psychologist plays a important role by interacting with the people engaged in various professional areas like education, Medical, Clinical, Career Guidance, Counselors in many fields including Social Work, Family related issues, courts etc.. The aspirants of psychology can opt for different areas of jobs as per their interest and specialization in Social Work, Counseling Psychology, Health Psychology, Teaching and Research, Industrial or Organizational Psychology, Sports Psychology, Agency or Community Counseling, Educational Psychology, School children Psychology, Clinical Psychology and many more.

Job Prospects for Psychologist

The courses offered by the department aims to provide a brief introduction to some of the elements of Psychology that affects our everyday lives: perception, memory, learning, social behaviour and developmental psychology. The Department of Psychology is dedicated to furthering the science of psychology through research and teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Our faculty explore the students knowledge such a way that they self improving their behaviour, cognition, emotion, health, motivation, personality etc. Successful graduates will function as independent scientists who effectively apply scientific principles and methods to contribute to the body of knowledge and to solutions that will enhance the human condition. This goal is achieved by helping students acquire knowledge and application of psychological theories, research findings, methodology, ethics, and appropriate professional practices.

Program Description

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology focuses on an essential and fundamental understanding of the major elements in the field of Psychology. Learners in this major will evaluate Psychological theories and research while examining ethical issues in the practical application of Psychological theories.
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology major is designed for individuals who wish to complete a general degree in Psychology or prepare for an advanced degree in psychology.

Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counseling (PGDGC)

Counselling and guidance are evolving to meet the needs of individuals in schools and communities to improve their understanding, adjustment, and daily functioning across the lifespan.
The programme emphasises a developmental perspective focusing on issues pertinent to providing guidance and counselling services and programme development. The counsellors personal and professional growth and development; appreciation of diversity and demonstration of understanding ethical and legal issues are also emphasised. The practical allows application of theories and techniques leading to effective individual and group counselling.

Master of Arts in Psychology

Post Graduates in Psychology become psychologist professionals who master the theories and methods of the science of psychology at an advanced level and after graduation they practise psychology as vocation independently.
Post Graduates of Psychology are ready to practise relationally informed psychotherapy in setting ranging from community mental health to hospitals to private practise.

Research programmes :

The department also offers research courses of Psychology i.e. M.Phil. and Ph.D.

Eligibility for the Courses :

Course Selection Criteria

B.A. Hons. Applied Psychology

10+2 any discipline


Any Graduate

M.A. Psychology

Any Graduate

M.Phil. Psychology

PG in relevant discipline

Ph.D. Psychology

PG in relevant discipline

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